Missed out on Veganuary? Try vegan for Lent!

By Jessica Cotton

This year,
Veganuary received a record-breaking number of sign-ups! Over 250,000 people pledged to ‘go vegan’ for the month of January, and were given the tools and inspiration to continue a kinder and healthier lifestyle throughout 2019.

With one person signing up to Veganuary every 8 seconds, it would have been easy to develop a serious case of FOMO if you didn’t have the chance to get involved! Fortunately, the Million Dollar Vegan campaign is here to offer all the resources, support and motivation that you’ll need to try vegan for Lent.

Take the Million Dollar Vegan pledge

By taking the pledge to go vegan for Lent, you will be joining hundreds of thousands of people across the world who have already taken the step towards a more benevolent and sustainable diet. In fact, the number of participants in similar campaigns, such as Veganuary, has more than doubled each year since 2014! How exciting is that?

Through the Million Dollar Vegan campaign, you will have access to our all-new Vegan Starter Kit – which will give you the low-down on the best vegan foods to buy; where to eat out; as well as answering ten of the most commonly asked questions about veganism. We’ll load you up with delicious, plant-based recipes and meal ideas; along with listing inspirational books, films and celebrities to follow.

Our Vegan Starter Kit will also consider the more serious parts of veganism. We’ll help to uncover why a plant-based diet is so powerful in addressing worldwide issues such as climate change, sustainability, animal rights and human health.

We’ll be keeping you updated with regular posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (including plenty of inspiration, information and entertainment). By joining our international online community, you’ll be given the support you need to discover how enjoyable, rewarding and simple a vegan lifestyle can really be!

Did we mention the celebrities?

When you take the pledge to go vegan for Lent, you’ll also join dozens of renowned celebrities and influencers from 15 countries across the world – who are all proudly supporting the Million Dollar Vegan campaign.

From acclaimed musicians such as Paul McCartney and Moby to award-winning actors including Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson and Evanna Lynch, you’ll be in world-class company. Million Dollar Vegan will also offer the opportunity to hear from the world’s brightest minds in science, research and philanthropy – including Dr. Neal Barnard, environmental researcher Joseph Poore, Chris Packham, George Monbiot and Phillip Wollen.

What happens next?

Superstar child activist Genesis Butler has publicly asked His Holiness Pope Francis to try vegan for Lent. If the Pope chooses to adopt a kinder, healthier plant-based diet throughout the period of Lent, his influence could help inspire millions of people across the world. However, even without the Pope’s involvement, the Million Dollar Vegan campaign offers an important opportunity for our global community to have a real and meaningful conversation about modern food choices.

The best part is we do not need to feel powerless in waiting for world leaders to tackle the pressing issues associated with climate change. In fact, each of us can make a real and lasting difference today – by choosing to go vegan for Lent. If you prefer not to try veganism within the context of a religious season, you can start anytime and commit for as long as you like. You’ll find that exploring a plant-based diet is fun, incredibly rewarding and easier than you might think!

Just like Veganuary, the Million Dollar Vegan campaign provides a positive and empowering way for every individual to address the most serious issues facing our world today. To take the pledge and download your Vegan Starter Kit now

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Jessica Cotton is the 
Australian Social Media Specialist for Million Dollar Vegan. Jess is a professionally trained journalist and experienced publicist, working with leading vegan food brands and non-profit organizations in Australia. Jess is also the creator of VeganNews.com.au.



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