Animal Hero Kids

These amazing American kids want to tell the world why being vegan is the kindest, coolest, healthiest way to live.

The Animal Hero Kids’ Mission

Fostering empathy and kindness in children and teens by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that help all species of animals; and offering complimentary, interactive, humane education programs highlighting stories of the rescue and aid of animals in need.

Meet The Kids


Aged 9, Florida
Animal Hero Kid President, Evan, is on a mission to save animals. He visits sanctuaries and makes videos so that everyone can see that farmed animals are no different to the cats and dogs we have at home. He says: ‘I am vegan first and foremost for the animals because I love animals, but once I went vegan for the animals I learned about my health and the environment and I love all those things... so that’s why I’m vegan.’


Aged 13, California
Genesis went vegan at the age of six and persuaded her family to do the same. She has been featured in many films and documentaries, is the youngest person to have given a TEDx talk, and in April 2019 traveled to the Vatican to encourage Pope Francis to go vegan for Lent.


Aged 17, Georgia
Hannah is an environmentalist, campaigning to end plastic pollution and protect our oceans. Her work has led her to deliver presentations to tens of thousands of people as well as businesses and governments across the globe. She is vegan for the planet and for animals, and says: ‘America is known as the land of the free and we all have the pursuit of happiness and justice, but we really need to extend that to the animals as well, and all living creatures.’


Aged 7, Florida
Ian loves animals and has been vegan since his mom explained to him where meat, milk and eggs come from. One of his friends is a rescued chicken named Admiral Fluffy Boots and Ian wants the world to go vegan because turning animals into food is not right.


Aged 13, Virginia
Josie has been vegan since she visited Farm Sanctuary and met the animals rescued from the meat, milk and egg industries. Since then, she has learned so much about typical farm industry practices and this has only strengthened her resolve. She says: ‘There is no humane way to get dairy, meat, eggs, fish, honey because they are all not meant for us, and so there is someone who is hurt along the way.’


Aged 9, Florida
Khendall has campaigned against all kinds of animal suffering from greyhound racing to the Florida black bear hunt, and has supported the Free Lolita campaign to return a captive orca to the ocean. He also helps feed homeless people with vegan foods. Khendall speaks up for animals because ‘they’re voiceless and they’re really, really nice’, and he says: ‘There’s No Reason 2 B Killing Animals.’


Aged 7, Arizona
Kimaya cares deeply about the environment and has asked her grandfather, Dr Sailesh Rao, to help the world go vegan to heal the planet before she turns 16. Kimaya says she is vegan because ‘if the animals are hurt, I’m hurt, because I don’t want to make them feel bad, I don’t want them to be let down. I think everybody should be vegan because of all the animals.’


Aged 12, Florida
Landon has been an animal rights activist for four years, ever since he went vegan alongside the rest of his family. He felt so strongly that being vegan alone wasn’t enough, and that’s when his activism journey started. He says: ‘What I know about factory farming is it is, first of all, horrible for the environment, and the animals are treated so badly. And it’s just super sad.’


Aged 8, Kentucky
Lucia has been vegan for two years, since watching Okja and asking her mom where bacon comes from. She was so devastated by the answer that she has been a campaigner for animals ever since. She says: ‘I want pigs and cows and chickens and all animals to live a long life until they naturally die.’


Aged 8, Florida
Rilee has chosen to be vegan alongside her family, and is now an activist for animals, taking part in vigils, leading marches, doing vegan outreach and even participating in a vegan fashion show. Rilee says: ‘It’s important to go vegan because these animals have the same feelings we do, they want to live just like we do, and they have families and friends just like we do.’


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