How to go vegan: 10 tips for success

Best Vegan Tips - JoAnne McArthur kisses a sheep

Thinking of making a plant-based dietary change this month? Here are our top 10 tips to help you make a significant change for your health, the animals and the environment.

Tip 1: Get Clued Up

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to anyone who’s thinking of going vegan? Do your research before you decide to make the switch! Hit the plant-based books (such as How Not To Die and How To Go Vegan) and magazines (such as Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan) for motivation and recipes.

Tip 2: Make Like-For-Like-Swaps

If you thought you’d miss out on your favourite foods by ditching animals and animal products, you thought wrong. Anything you can eat, you can eat vegan! From yogurts and cheeses to ice cream and mock-meats. Download our Vegan Starter Kit for the lowdown on all the best products.

Tip 3: Join a Vegan Group

It can be hard when no one in your social group is vegan. However, you can meet new friends by joining your local vegan groups. Find them on Facebook or in real life via local MeetUp groups, and you will also find like-minded people at local vegan fairs and festivals.

Tip 4: Go Out to Eat

A few years ago, vegan options at restaurants were few and far between. These days, there are so many incredible independent vegan eateries, as well as separate vegan menus at high-street restaurants. Use The Happy Cow restaurant locator to ensure you never go hungry, wherever you are.

Tip 5: Watch a Vegan Documentary

Watching vegan documentaries such as What The Health and Cowspiracy is a brilliant way to help fuel your passion and remind you why you decided to make the change to a vegan diet. Be inspired!

Tip 6: One Step at a Time

Going vegan is a journey, and every journey requires you to pace yourself. Not everyone can make wholesale changes overnight so don’t feel bad about taking one step at a time. It will help you to make a lasting change to your diet and lifestyle.

Tip 7: Read Labels

Not everything that is vegan is labeled as such. So, read the small print and you may just find your favourite foods are accidentally vegan!

Tip 8: Make Vegan Food for Your Friends

Telling close ones that you’ve decided to try veganism is sometimes one of the most challenging aspects of transitioning to a vegan diet. One of the best ways to quash any naysayers is to cook up a delicious meal. A tray of brownies or huge Chili Sin Carne always hit the spot!

Tip 9: Experiment in the Kitchen

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new and exciting vegan flavours and ingredients. It took me a good few attempts to master tofu, so don’t give up if your first vegan cake doesn’t rise or your okra curry sticks to the pan. It’ll get better and easier as you progress!

Tip 10: Make Errors. Move On.

In the early days, it’s easy to relapse or make a simple mistake. It happens to the best of us! It doesn’t mean you are not vegan or should give up. It just means you are human. Move on from it, and jump back into the delicious, compassionate world of veganism.

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