8 ways to get inspired

According to scientists at the University of Oxford, being vegan is the single biggest thing we can do to help the planet but there is still more we can do.

1 - Films to motivate you

2 — Books to inspire you

3 - Speeches that will leave you speechless

4 — Get active locally

There are many ways to change the world at a local level, from giving a talk at your local church, school or club to encouraging local restaurants to offer more plant-based options. You might like to set up a blog or a recipe site, share information on social media, or recommend books and films to friends and family. You might take vegan baked goods into work or host a vegan dinner party, and share the recipes. You might volunteer at a local animal rescue center or give a home to animals in need. Perhaps you’ll attend local events such as vegan fairs or festivals, or join a MeetUp group and get connected with like-minded people.

5 — Get active politically

Contact your political representatives – both local and national – to find out where they stand on these key issues, and to urge them to take action. Meet them in person if you can, otherwise write. Press for meaningful change at every opportunity, and cast your vote for representatives that care about our planet and its future.

6 — Get active globally

When one of us changes, that’s great. When millions of us change, that’s better. If you work for a large organization or corporation, you can enact change on a grander scale. It may be moving investments away from practices that damage the planet, changing the menu in a canteen, restaurant or at events, or offering incentives for workers to try vegan. Ask media companies to explore and publish these issues. Ask airlines to offer a meat-free meal as standard. Ask supermarkets to stock and promote more plant-based options. If you are a customer of a large corporation rather than a worker or shareholder, you can still ask for change.

7 — Donate your time

Become a school speaker, or volunteer at an animal sanctuary. Donate your time to lobby on behalf of a planet-friendly political candidate. Set up a MeetUp group if there isn’t one locally, or organize a local fair, outreach team or display. Get involved with local social justice groups – like the Save Movement and Anonymous for the Voiceless – that work for a kinder world.

8 — Donate or invest money

When you donate, make sure your money is going to causes that don’t contribute to animal suffering or environmental damage. Visit Animal Charity Evaluators to see which charities are most effective. If you invest, find out if your money is propping up animal agriculture. Instead, consider investing in vegan start-ups. Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio are just some of the people investing in plant-based foods.

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