You can’t force your kids to be vegan – it’s your belief, not theirs


All parents choose the diet that their children eat. They also choose the clothes they wear, the religion they practice, the school they go to and the sports and activities they do. This is all entirely normal! And as children grow, they start to make more of their own decisions.

Many vegans were brought up eating animal products and wish our parents had not made that choice for us. It might be said that our parents forced us to eat animal products and it was their belief, not ours. We may not agree with their choices, and we may have changed what we eat since then, but we don’t blame them for doing the best that they could.

And children of vegan parents will do exactly the same. As they grow, they will be free to make their own decisions about what they eat and how they live. They may choose to remain vegan or they may not, but they will know that their parents had good reasons to bring them up vegan.

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