Why do vegans always force their opinions on the rest of us? Vegans are preachy!


Whatever prompts someone to become vegan – whether it is for health, animals, or the environment – it is because they have seen, perhaps for the first time, the profoundly negative impact that animal farming and consumption has. They have understood the link between animal products and heart disease, diabetes, deforestation, species loss, animal suffering and so on, but they have also discovered a simple solution that could change it all for the better: eating vegan! No wonder they can get a little vocal! After all, it’s ultimately the animals who are forced to suffer without choice and future generations who will inherit the damage we’re inflicting on the Earth now.

Often, vegans assert their views in response to a question or a subject raised by friends, family or co-workers, or on social media. They’re not forcing their views on people, they are sharing their opinions which are based on scientific facts. If they come across as preachy, it’s because when you change how you eat and you start to feel better, you want everyone to know how well they could also feel if they made the same change. Or when you understand that by opting out of eating animals you are sparing an immense amount of suffering, you want others who identify as animal lovers to see that connection, too. Or when you see your own environmental impact drop dramatically as a result of dietary change, it is quite natural to want to encourage others to contribute to protecting our planet in the same way.

Vegans are not outspoken out of a sense of moral superiority but because they want a kinder, fairer, more compassionate world for all of us. Those who call them ‘ preachy’ may find in a quiet moment of reflection that they actually agree with them after all.

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