What if I was on a desert island?

Given how unlikely this scenario is, we do get asked it an awful lot!

If you were starving on a desert island that had wild animals living on it, it would probably be a lot safer for you to find out what those animals were eating – the roots, berries, tubers, fruits and leaves – and eat those too. After all, wild animals are dangerous, and unless you get stranded with a gun, a set of butchery knives and a way to cook the meat to get rid of any pathogens, most people are likely to struggle.

We think, however, that this question is less about desert islands and more about finding the limits of vegans’ resolve. And of course, that would vary from person to person. But no one would judge anyone else for doing what they truly had to do in order to survive. When planes have crashed, people have survived only by eating the bodies of their comrades and friends, but they wouldn’t make this their first choice! In extreme circumstances, people do extreme things, and we accept that such an unusual – and unpleasant – choice is made only out of necessity.

In everyday life, however, when there are plentiful plant-based foods available, we can choose to be compassionate, healthy and environmentally responsible with every meal we eat. We do not need to eat animals or their by-products at all.

So, we would encourage you to try plant-based, and if you ever do find yourself stranded on a desert island, do what you need to do to survive, and we promise we won’t judge.

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