We’ll be overrun with animals if we stop eating them / hunting them

Animals are farmed only in response to a demand. If people stop eating them, they will not be bred, and so there is no chance of us being overrun. Since the whole world is unlikely to go vegan overnight, there is no reason why farmers would turn animals out – they would simply stop breeding them.

If we stopped eating hunted animals as well as farmed animals, the number of wild animals would certainly increase, and this is not just about sparing the hunted animals themselves.

The number of wild animal populations has fallen worldwide by 60 percent since 1970,1 in large part because of the growing demand for meat, and the vast amount of land needed to grow crops to feed farmed animals. The other two reasons given for this decimation are hunting animals to eat them and fishing.

If we stopped eating farmed, hunted and fished animals, we would allow the natural world to regenerate and there would be healthy, wild populations again. Animals would not suffer in farms and slaughterhouses, and our depleted natural world would have a chance to recover.

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