We need to get governments/companies to act rather than individuals

The challenges facing humanity are huge, and climate change is among our biggest threats.

We are currently heading for a global temperature rise that will cause more severe and more frequent weather events which will kill more people. Rising temperatures will likely lead to increased air pollution, a longer and more intense allergy season, the spread of insect-borne diseases, more frequent and dangerous heat waves, heavier rainstorms and inland flooding.1 Rising seas will cause coastal flooding and whole communities in low-lying areas could lose their homes. Droughts will put pressure on harvests and could disrupt our food supply. Wildfires will decimate ancient landscapes, increasing the pressure on wildlife, and risking human lives, too. Higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere will make oceans both warmer and more acidic and this will threaten the survival of marine life. We will lose more species.

While we as a species face this, we must know that we have also caused this, and many of the effects are already being seen. Climate change is here, it is happening all around us.

To prevent the worst-case scenarios, we need global, bold action, which – you may think – requires governments, industries and companies to act. And you’re right.

But the challenge is so big and potentially so devastating that each of us must act. We must lobby for systemic change by the largest corporations and governments but we must also play our own individual part too. Researchers from Oxford University say that the single biggest thing we as individuals can do to protect the planet is to go vegan.2

It’s true, one person going vegan won’t save the world, just as one dollar in a charity box won’t end cancer, but we drop our dollar in knowing that others are doing the same and together we can make a world of difference.

We must act for our planet and we must act now. Don’t wait for the government to tell you what to do. Start today with the thing that you can do that will have a significant impact: go vegan.

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