Vegans with pets are hypocrites because dogs & cats have to eat meat

The choices we make have to be right for ourselves, and we also have to make choices about what we feed our children and the animals with whom we share our home. It wouldn’t be right to get rid of our pets (or our kids!) if we become vegan and they don’t.

Besides, don’t assume that all vegans have meat-eating companion animals. There are now good vegan cat and dog foods on the market that contain all the nutrients those animals need, and many people find their animals thrive on them. (The advice for those wishing to explore this is to transition slowly and assess as you go.)

But the choice on whether to change an animal’s feed must depend on each animal and whether he or she can adapt and remain healthy and happy. Any dietary changes should be monitored closely, and any new health issues noted. Some people report that their dogs’ and cats’ health improves on a vegan diet, but some animals may not thrive, so we encourage common sense. Each of us must do our best in this imperfect world and everyone who does their best to reduce suffering and minimize their negative impact on the planet can never be called a hypocrite.

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