Vegans are weak


What do Formula 1’s Lewis Hamilton, basketball’s Kyrie Irving and Olympian weightlifter Kendrick Farris have in common? Of course you know the answer: they’re all vegan. And so are leading heavyweight boxer Byrant Jennings, the world’s strongest man Patrik Baboumian and world-class mixed martial artist Nate Diaz.

Increasingly, strength athletes – and others – are choosing to eat plant-based, and they find that it helps them train harder and recover faster, and all with no loss of performance, strength or muscle mass.

NFL player David Carter says: ‘People ask me if I want to get a steak and I tell them I actually don’t eat that, or any meat or dairy. They’re usually thinking “Wait, you’re supposed to be small and weak.” But of course they can’t say that when they’re looking at me.’

Vegans are absolutely not weak.

Every single nutrient you need can be found without eating animal products. But what you don’t get on a whole food plant-based diet is the high levels of saturated fat, the elevated risk of food poisoning, the inflammation associated with animal foods, and the increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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