Veganism is too difficult


It can certainly take a few weeks to adjust to any new lifestyle choice but there is a vegan version of just about every product you love, and many of the products you eat are already vegan. You may read a lot of labels for the first couple of weeks but very soon shopping as a vegan becomes second nature.

One common response we hear from surprised new vegans is that the range of foods they eat increases, not decreases! Going vegan is often the catalyst for searching for new recipes, trying new foods, and exploring new areas of the store! Suddenly, the wealth of options available to them becomes clear and they find they are eating better and more interesting foods than ever before.

Eating out is one area where new vegans can struggle but restaurants are increasingly catering for those who don’t eat animal products. In cities and larger towns, you will find a large number of options available to you – everything from high end to fast food to wholefood. And outside of the cities, you may be surprised, too!

A great place to start is the HappyCow website and app. Type in your location, and it will show you all the local restaurants that serve vegan meals. Some places may be fully vegetarian or vegan, some will be ethnic restaurants with a wealth of plant-based dishes, while others will be independent eateries or chain restaurants with vegan options on their menus. Restaurants like Chipotle, Carl’s Jr, Blake Pizza, Ruby Tuesday and Subway all cater for vegans so eating out should not be a problem.

There are countless online groups where vegans meet to talk through issues and share news and recipes, and new vegans often find these to be a great support. And vegan meet-up groups, fairs and festivals are springing up all over so reach out, and you may just find a wonderful new group of like-minded friends.

Millions of people have already made the change to a vegan diet and one of the most common phrases we hear is: ‘It really isn’t as difficult as I feared; I wish I had done it sooner.

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