Vegan men are effeminate (they are not real men)

You do know that Derrick Morgan and around half of the Tennessee Titans are vegan? And so is mixed martial artist Nate Diaz, boxers Cam Awesome and David Haye, and Olympian weightlifter Kendrick Farris. Have you seen Nimai Delgado work out? Have you seen Patrik Baboumian lift a car?!

All these men are vegan, powerful and ready to kick your butt – metaphorically speaking.

Besides, who defines what is a ‘real man’? Who says that caring for their health and the future of their kids makes someone less of a man? Who says that protecting the weakest and most vulnerable is unmanly? We can think of no greater hero than those who stand up to bullies and protect those in need.

We are grateful to men like U.S. Navy fighter pilot and two-time veteran LCDR Charles Hallum, who is an American vegan hero. And to Marc Holley, a Marine veteran who utilizes his military experience to teach self-defense, and Ronnie Penn, a U.S. Marine veteran and an active U.S Coast Guard, and Bill Muir, who became a paratrooper with the 173-Airborne Brigade and served in Afghanistan as a Combat Medic.

All of them are American heroes, real men and vegan: See the stories of some of America’s vegan veterans.

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