Vegan food is boring

Bad vegan food is boring. Great vegan food is anything but! As a vegan, you can have all the foods you love simply by switching out the animal products for their non-animal versions. Tacos, fajitas, burgers, pizza, curry, roast ‘meats’, hot dogs, mac and cheese, cheesecakes, brownies and ice cream are all very much on the menu still.

In many cases, you can use your favorite recipes and just swap out the animal products for the plant versions. Lasagna can be made with vegan ground beef and plant milk; fajitas with vegan chicken strips; and mac and cheese using dairy-free cheese.

But vegans often find their culinary repertoire grows significantly when they stop eating animal products. Becoming vegan is often the catalyst for a new and exciting relationship with food; one where we do not rely on the same safe options every night of the week but where we find new tastes and flavors and find we love them! After all, there are hundreds of thousands of edible plants in the world, and we tend to eat just a handful!

Check out our own recipes for some inspiration and if you search online you will find thousands more freely available, as well as hundreds of recipe books covering every cuisine and style of cooking you could ever wish for.

Enjoy your vegan adventure!


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