The real problem with climate change is the human population

Humans are responsible for the climate change catastrophe we are facing and the fact that there are billions of us using cars, burning coal, flying in planes and choosing to eat meat has brought us to this point.

We cannot change the human population (though we can follow the advice of climate mitigation researchers at Lund University in Sweden and have fewer children)1 but we can look at what we are doing that contributes to this crisis and we can change, starting now.

Aside from limiting the children we have, the Swedish researchers listed three other important ways we as individuals can reduce our climate impact. They are to go vegan, fly less and go car-free.

Eating plant-based is something we can do right now. It is something we can do three times a day every day to reduce our impact on the planet – not just on climate change but to reduce deforestation, species loss and pollution, too. That is why Oxford University researchers concluded that going vegan is the single biggest thing we as individuals can do to reduce our impact on the planet.2

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