Small, family-owned farms are ok. It’s factory farming that’s the problem.

The production of animal products, irrespective of the size of the farm, contributes to climate breakdown,1 deforestation,2 species loss3 and pollution.4

All animal farms use more than their fair share of land, water and energy, and feed fewer people than plant-based foods.5

Worldwide, investigations have shown that abuse and suffering happen on small family farms as well as in megafarms. And all farmed animals, irrespective of the size of the farm they were raised on – or whether they are reared cage-free, organic or in a cage – end their days being trucked to the slaughterhouse where their throats are cut or they are gassed to death. If it’s ever a kinder life, it will never be kind.

And when it comes to consuming animal products, the size of the farm does not matter at all. Avoiding all animal products is associated with a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.6

Besides, we can never truly know where the products we buy come from. Most grass-fed beef labeled ‘product of USA’, for example, is actually imported.7

So, whether your concern is animals, the planet or your health, it is better to go plant-based.

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