None of my friends/family are vegan

It can make things a little harder if you are the trailblazer in your family or friendship group, but someone has to be the first! Why shouldn’t it be you?!

We know that not everyone’s families are as supportive as they might hope, but this is often because they don’t know much about veganism. They might worry about your health, having to make two separate meals, or how these changes will impact the weekly shopping bill. These are legitimate concerns and the best way to counter them is to have a conversation with them to work them out.

If health is their big worry, sit down with them to watch What the Health or The Game Changers, and they can see for themselves what a vegan diet can do to protect our health.

If their concerns are more practical, offering to cook meals can usually help with that. So, this is a great time to learn some new recipes and find new products!

If you tell your family and friends you are just going to try it for 31 days, that usually helps them adjust to this change, too. After 31 days, if you decide to continue, they will have seen that it isn’t quite as big an upheaval as they had feared, and many people find at this stage that their family members decide to become vegan too!

Of course, one of the biggest problems about being the only vegan in the family or friendship group is not about health or food, it is about feeling isolated. When we undertake a new journey, we like to share it with others who understand, and we know that having like-minded people around you can make a big difference.

The good news is that there are plenty of welcoming vegan groups online where you will find plenty of support, encouragement and practical advice, too. Lifelong friends are made in these groups.

In real life, you might be surprised to find there are vegans living all around you. There might be a local vegan meetup group, or a local vegan fair or festival. Reach out and see who is already out there. Like you, they may be grateful for the support and friendship. You don’t have to be the only vegan you know!

And in time, those around you are likely to see that you are thriving on a plant-based diet, and that your food is both delicious and normal. You may just find that by leading the way, you are creating vegans in your family or social group. This happens a lot more than you might expect, so don’t let being the only one stop you from trying vegan.

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