Meat tastes good


Many vegans also enjoy eating meat – its taste is not the reason they don’t eat it!

No, they became vegan for their health or to protect the planet, or because they want to reduce animal suffering, and for many the idea of giving it up was not easy. Thankfully, food companies have recognized this fact and have created hundreds of products that taste like meat, fish and dairy but are, in fact, fully plant-based.

There are burgers and steaks that look, cook and taste like meat, and they even ‘bleed’ like meat, too. There are hot dogs and sausages, ground beef, chick*n nuggets, glazed ham-style roasts, bologna deli slices for sandwiches, faux bacon, schnitzels, fishless fillets, crabless cakes, shrimps and tuna, and so much more. You’ll find now that there is a vegan version of just about everything you love!

These foods make it much easier to transition to plant-based as it doesn’t require a great shift, or the feeling of missing out on something. You can simply switch the animal version for the plant version and nothing else needs to change.

And a final thought: how much do we really like the taste of meat? If it’s so great, why do we cover it in spices, sauces and marinades? Why do we smoke it, cure it and process it with other flavors? Vegans don’t have to miss out on those flavors at all, they just don’t eat the animal products they are covering.

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