I’m mostly vegan, but I don’t like to make a fuss when I’m out


You don’t have to make a fuss! You can just explain that you don’t eat certain products and then eat what is available. Most restaurants have something for vegans to eat, and you can always check the HappyCow app to find the best options near to you.

When visiting friends, it is easy to take your coffee without milk or take a pot of oat milk with you, and similarly, you can take cookies or snacks for everyone to share.

If you are going to dinner with friends or family and don’t want to make a fuss, you can find out what your host is cooking and make a vegan version for yourself to take along, You might also make dessert for everyone – something decadent and delicious like sticky toffee pudding or a creamy cheesecake. Far from being difficult, your host will adore you!

Just explain to family and friends that you no longer eat animal products. They will understand and respect your principles.

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