I’m eating steak while watching this

We have a theory about this, and since you’ve been good enough to click on this subject, we hope you’ll be interested to hear it.

We find that people who are genuinely not interested in veganism don’t visit vegan websites and social media pages and don’t feel the need to try and taunt vegans by telling them about the foods they eat. So, could it be that those who do this realize deep down that there is something a bit ‘off’ about eating meat, even if they can’t admit it to themselves?

Most of us don’t want to see what happens inside intensive farms and slaughterhouses, and most of us don’t like to think about leaving our children an uninhabitable planet, and so it is easy for the shutters to come down, and the defenses to come up! It’s natural.

But the first thing we would say is that red meat is associated with an increased risk of bowel cancer, while all processed meats have been found to cause cancer.1 So, what we hear when people tell us they’re eating meat right now is this: ‘I’m raising my risk of bowel cancer! There, take that, vegans!

And our response is always this: please be kind to yourself.

Since vegans tend to live longer, healthier lives, quitting meat is an act of kindness to yourself, and it’s also a kindness to your family. They don’t want to lose you to heart disease, bowel cancer or type 2 diabetes.

You may not see yourself as a vegan (and nor did any of us until we finally chose that path) but take a look at the stories in the Testimonials section of our site and you’ll find many stories of people like you who did not see themselves this way but whose lives have changed and improved immeasurably because they were willing to try something new.

And if you love steak, you’ll be delighted to learn that there are plant-based steaks that look, cook and taste just like meat steaks, but without all the negative aspects like bowel cancer.

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