If we stopped farming, we would need to hunt


We don’t need to eat meat at all, and we are better off without it. Masses of research shows that eating animal products is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some kinds of cancer.1 Vegans tend to live longer than vegetarians who live longer than meat-eaters.2

We need a mindshift away from meat, and there are millions of people who have already done just that. If you like the taste of meat, you will find vegan meats that satisfy that taste craving but are not associated with these health risks. There are burgers and steaks that look, cook and taste like meat, and they even ‘bleed’ like meat, too. There are hot dogs and sausages, ground beef, chick*n nuggets, glazed ham-style roasts, bologna deli slices for sandwiches, faux bacon, schnitzels, fishless fillets, crabless cakes, shrimps and tuna, and so much more. You’ll find now that there is a vegan version of just about everything you love!

It is better for us, for animals and the planet, if we simply switch to eating a delicious whole food plant-based diet, that is rich in vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts and fruits.

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