If vegans are so concerned about the environment they should stop driving cars and flying


People become vegan for a variety of reasons – including for their health, animals, and to protect the earth from deforestation, pollution and climate change. Vegans who care deeply about climate change generally do limit their impact in other ways, too, including cutting down on travel.

According to Oxford University researcher Joseph Poore, being vegan is the single biggest thing individuals can do to protect the planet.1 This is because animal agriculture creates more climate-warming emissions than the fuel from every car, bus, ship, plane and train on the planet combined. So, when considering our climate impact, changing our diet to plant-based is the very first thing we should do.

But it isn’t the only thing we can do, and many vegans do more. But by being vegan, they are already doing more than most people to limit their impact, and we think that is admirable.

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