I will never be vegan


It is absolutely your choice as to whether you become vegan, but we would encourage you to keep an open mind as you find out more about veganism, and why millions of other people have decided to try it.

For so many, their health was the driving factor. Take a look at the Transformations stories on our website. There you will find dozens of Americans – from elite athletes to former Marines to a serving US Coast Guard Rescue Pilot – all telling their stories about how switching to a plant-based diet has changed their lives for the better.

If you are struggling with any health issues or you have concerns that you may one day be at risk of a heart condition or type 2 diabetes, then we would certainly encourage you to give plant-based a try. After all, what have you got to lose? Try it for 31 days and see for yourself. Please don’t accept ill health just because you wouldn’t try something new.

Of course, not everyone becomes vegan for their health. Eating plant-based is better for the planet, its wild places and inhabitants. It reduces our own greenhouse gas emissions, reduces deforestation and protects wild species. It reduces the risk of water pollution and ocean dead zones, and does not lead to the decimation of aquatic populations, including whales and dolphins.

Veganism is better for people, too. If we gave the grain that is fed to farmed animals to people instead, we could eradicate world hunger and we would still need less land than we use now. And we also urge people to think about slaughterhouse workers who have an elevated risk of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and PITS (perpetration-induced traumatic stress).1 These men and women suffer because we ask them to do a distressing and traumatizing job that we would not do ourselves.

And what about people who live near huge CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations)? People like Elsie Herring, the great grand-daughter of a freed slave, speak out about the health problems they and their families have experienced because of modern farming practices. All too often, colossal and toxic farms are constructed in poor communities of color where residents have little political clout to protest.2

There is much to consider and you don’t have to make up your mind now, but do take a look at our website, find out more, read the evidence, and then you might decide to try it just for 31 days, and see how you feel. Take our vegan pledge today and you’ll receive a FREE Health and Nutrition guide, recipes and a Vegan Starter Kit.


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