I was vegan but it made me ill.

Every nutrient we need can be found on a vegan diet, so perhaps you were not eating a balanced diet and were missing out on something. Or it’s possible you became ill for another reason.

Veganism is not automatically healthy. It is possible to eat ice cream for breakfast, cake for lunch and 18 kinds of cheese for dinner – all vegan and all delicious, but no one would think for a moment that this was a healthy diet.

But if you eat a balanced, whole food plant-based diet, it is easy to get every nutrient you need, and the evidence of just how healthy it is lies in the vast numbers of studies that have shown that vegans suffer less from heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and some kinds of cancers.1 Vegans also tend to live longer,2 so it is clear that a well-balanced vegan diet is a great way to protect your health

We’d suggest you try again for 31 days and keep a food diary so you can track the kinds of foods you are eating and work out what you are missing out on, then speak to a nutritionist to see how that can be rectified. There is nothing at all to stop you being a healthy vegan!

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