I listen to my body, and it needs meat


According to Vincent Ho, Lecturer and clinical academic gastroenterologist at Western Sydney University: ‘there is no real evidence to link our common food cravings with nutritional deficiencies.’1

Food cravings are commonly caused by regions of the brain that are responsible for memory, pleasure, and reward. An imbalance of hormones can also cause food cravings. It is also possible that food cravings are due to endorphins that are released into the body after someone has eaten, which mirrors an addiction. Researchers further suggest that emotions may also be involved in producing a food craving, especially if a person eats for comfort.2 So, there is a good chance that your body is not craving the nutrients you think it is, rather it is addicted or remembering the pleasure of eating a certain item.

Of course, bodies need the correct nutrients, but they don’t demand they come from a particular source! They want protein, iron, calcium and vitamins and all the other nutrients we need to function optimally, and all of those nutrients can be found on a vegan diet.

Hundreds of thousands of people have tried veganism for one month to see how they feel, and many have reported incredible changes during that time. One of them said: ‘I didn’t realize how “sick” my body felt ‘til I realized what “healthy” feels like.’

Why not conduct an experiment? Why not try a whole food vegan diet for a full month, which is enough time to break some of those old emotional and psychological habits, and to form new ones? After that time, ask your body again.

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