I don’t like vegetables


If you don’t eat any vegetables at all, then your diet is likely to be poor right now. Vegetables are an important source of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, and vitamin C. Without them, your health will suffer.

We believe that everyone likes some vegetables, and that most vegetables can be delicious to most people if they are cooked right. (No one is a fan of overboiled cabbage!) Roasting vegetables tends to sweeten them and grilling them gives them a lovely smoky flavor, and there are many other tricks and tips to bring out the best of veg.

Prioritize recipes that include some of the vegetables you like most (or dislike least) and see how you get on. And remember, there are ways to include vegetables in your diet that don’t rely on them being piled high on a plate. For example, carrots can be grated into pasta sauce, kale can be included in cakes and zucchini makes delicious moist brownies. Hide them in a spicy curry if you must or cut them small in a Bolognese sauce but find a way to eat them.

Vegetables are so good for us that there really is no upper limit on the amount we should eat. But if you truly eat no vegetables at all, you can still be vegan. You can switch to a junk food vegan diet which may not be significantly better for your health than your current meat-based junk diet, but it would be better for the planet and for animals.

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