I can’t go vegan because of an existing illness or allergy

We don’t know of any illness that automatically precludes someone from becoming vegan.

Those with gluten, soy or nut allergies often think they cannot become vegan but the wide range of foods available means that there are alternatives and options available, though it may take a little more planning.

There are people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Crohn’s Disease who were advised against becoming vegan, and yet we also know of people with these conditions who have transitioned gently, and found they were able to come off all medication and suffer no further relapses.

We obviously cannot advise on individual cases and if you have concerns, we would suggest you discuss them with your physician, but remember that most physicians have very little nutritional training.

That is why we’d also recommend you educate yourself by reading the scientific papers available online. You may also reach out via social media to other people who have experience of what you are going through. When armed with all the information, you might once again speak to your physician and under their supervision take gradual steps towards a plant-based diet.

Perhaps you’ll start with one vegan meal a day, then one day a week, and assess how you feel. There are countless people whose health has drastically improved when they cut out animal products. We hope yours will, too.

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