I agree with vegans but I could not be one myself


It’s great that you agree that veganism is better for health, the planet and animals, even if it does feel daunting to make the change. But the question we need to ask you is this: why do you think you could not go vegan?

If you feel you would miss meat or other animal products too much, then we have excellent news for you! There are burgers and steaks that look, cook and taste like meat, and they even ‘bleed’ like meat, too. There are hot dogs and sausages, ground beef, chick*n nuggets, glazed ham-style roasts, bologna deli slices for sandwiches, faux bacon, schnitzels, fishless fillets, crabless cakes, shrimps and tuna. All delicious and all plant-based. You can simply switch them out for the animal-based versions, and you will barely notice the difference.

If you think that veganism is not for you, it may be because there is just one product that you just cannot see yourself doing without. If that is the case, then you would be doing an incredible thing for your own health, the planet and animals if you moved away from the other animal products and just kept eating that one. Sure, you wouldn’t be a vegan, but you wouldn’t be far off! And you would be getting so many of the benefits. Why not start there and see how you get on?

If you don’t see yourself telling family and friends you’ve gone vegan, then trying it for a month is a really great idea. Some of the people we love most dearly can be relentless in their mockery or very expressive about their concerns. But if you tell people you are trying it for just one month, they tend to be much less vocal! And at the end of that month, if you are feeling great, and want to extend it, it is much easier to tell them at that point, when they have already seen what it means to be vegan, and how well you are looking on it.

If you understand all the great reasons to be vegan, why not give it a go for 31 days? You have nothing to lose and there really is so much to gain. Take our vegan pledge today and you’ll receive a FREE Health and Nutrition guide, recipes and a Vegan Starter Kit.


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