Hunters provide for their families


All parents provide for their families. It’s their first duty as a parent.

But what does hunting tell a child about our role in the world? Does it tell them that life is cheap? That might is right? That you can cause suffering to others just because you want to? These are not messages we tend to explicitly tell our children but they are messages they receive when we take the lives of others.

Hunting may be more in line with the natural world than eating meat from intensive farms but neither give the clear message to our children that we are here with animals, and we share the planet with them. They are not here for us to do with as we see fit.

We do not need to eat meat to survive and be healthy. We do not need to kill animals.

Let’s give our children a message of compassion and kindness, and create a world where we live more harmoniously with the other animals we share this planet with.

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