Farm animals are kept safe by farmers; they would suffer and die in nature

Animals are not safe inside farms. Crammed inside factory farm sheds, sitting in their own filth or standing on broken legs, birds watch their mates die around them. Cows standing on feedlots all day may be dehorned or branded with no pain relief and suffer emotionally as their calves are taken away. Pigs locked inside crates so small they cannot turn around can do nothing to ease the pain of pressure sores or care for their sick young. And when they reach slaughter weight – or when their productivity declines – all are trucked to the slaughterhouse where their throats are cut or they are gassed to death.

They’re not safe in farms but they would not be safe in the wild either. Farmed animals are not natural. They have been selectively bred for high yields of meat, milk and eggs. They are not designed to survive in the wild, and most would not be able to. We are not suggesting that farmers turn their animals out into nature if everyone goes vegan. Far from it! We are suggesting they stop breeding them in the first place.

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