Because we have canine teeth

Have you seen a tiger’s canine teeth? They look nothing like ours! And that’s because theirs are used for puncturing, holding and ripping flesh whereas ours are really only useful for biting through carrots. We need to accept that someone somewhere has mislabelled these teeth. They certainly do not indicate that we are natural meat-eaters.

And there are other clues in our body as well. Look at the claws you possess. They are powerful and razor-sharp and can rip apart an animal in seconds. No? That’s because our hands are mobile and dextrous, perfect for picking fruits, and the nails we have protect the delicate ends of our fingers. There is not a talon in sight.

Next we should consider our guts. If we could pull them out, they would stretch to around 20 feet long1 which is why it takes up to 40 hours for food to transit through the colon.2 The intestines of a true carnivore are shorter than ours, because they need to get the meat in, digested and back out of their systems before it putrefies inside them. (Yes, there is a reason why the biggest food poisoning killers in the USA are connected to meat and dairy.)3

And what about the bloodlust we all feel every day? Again, no? Most of us do not have the motivation to go out and kill. It’s just not in our natures.

Now, obviously, like other apes we can tolerate some meat in our diets and are more closely designed to scavenge the carcasses left behind by true carnivores. But, evidence overwhelmingly shows that our bodies thank us when we fuel them with plants. Vegans suffer less from heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes4 and live longer.5

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