Bacon tho…


It tastes good, doesn’t it? The taste of bacon is actually umami – a salty-sweet smoky flavor created by a combination of amino acids and flavorings. And you can get that delicious umami flavor in all kinds of plant-based foods, including faux bacon, which tastes just like bacon but does not cause bowel cancer. Unlike animal bacon.1

When you weigh up the suffering a pig must endure – being forcibly impregnated, locked in a crate, losing her young, and trucked to the slaughterhouse – and when you consider the harm that meat can do to our bodies; and you add to that the hungry people in the world who cannot afford grain because it is sold instead to wealthy nations to feed their livestock; and you tally the harm caused to humanity by animal farming – zoonotic diseases, antibiotic resistance, land degradation, deforestation, species loss, pollution, ocean dead zones, and climate-changing gases – then perhaps the change from a bacon sandwich to a faux bacon sandwich isn’t so great after all.

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