Animals die for vegans also


There is no way to live a perfect life in this imperfect world, and some animals do die accidentally during crop harvesting, while some farmers shoot animals, including birds, to protect crops. We may not like it, but this is the reality of modern commercial farming.

However, we should remember that most crops are fed to farmed animals,1 2 which is a wasteful thing to do given they produce fewer calories in meat, milk and eggs than they eat. If we switch to eating only plants, we need fewer crops, not more, and so we also reduce the number of deaths of wild animals.

Besides, this relatively small number of largely accidental deaths is a world away from the deliberately inflicted psychological and physical suffering billions of sentient beings experience inside factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Billions are caged or crated, suffer lameness, pressure sores, broken bones or mastitis, and are then trucked for days on end to slaughter. Billions never breathe fresh air or get to walk on the earth. They endure their young being taken from them, are impregnated again and again, only to feel the same loss. Such suffering is completely unnecessary.

To minimize the suffering of both wild and farmed animals, a plant-based diet is clearly the way to go.

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