The best fast food outlets for vegans in Canada

Whether you’re a long-time vegan or have just recently adopted a plant-based diet, you may be wondering what options are available while you’re on the move, a question that can be further complicated if you are travelling with omnivorous companions. If you’re new to the diet, worry not, there are plenty of options for a vegan bite on the go. And if you’re a long-term veggie, hopefully I can help you find a new favourite spot for upcoming summer road trips.


The Canadian-owned company A&W is “Home of the Burger Family” and, more recently, offers the renowned Beyond Meat burger. This burger so closely resembles a traditional fast food hamburger you may not be able to tell the difference. Be aware, though, with the Beyond Meat burger you must remove the “Uncle” sauce and mayo for it to be a vegan meal. If you are looking to try something a little different, the Veggie Deluxe burger can be made vegan by asking them to remove the cheese, sauce, and substituting for the Beyond Meat bun. You won’t be missing out with these modifications, however, as the veggie burger and vegetable garnish are absolutely delicious. If this seems like too much modification, remember: onion rings and a frosty root beer are both vegan!


Another Canadian icon, Harvey’s serves up a mean vegan burger. A personal favourite of mine, there is nothing more patriotic than grabbing a Harvey’s burger on the way up to the cottage. At a relatively low cost, Harvey’s has good options for customizing your toppings and easily serves the best pickles of any fast food restaurant.

Hero Burger

A newcomer to the Canadian burger game, Hero Burger sources products focused on sustainable practices. I will admit I have been to Hero Burger only once, as an experiment of sorts, once I heard of their veggie burger. While I wasn’t as captivated here as elsewhere, I must give them credit for their extensive options to create a custom meal. Certainly, with a little tweaking a favourite indulgence could be found at this restaurant.

Boon Burger

If you’re a vegan and you haven’t tried this burger spot you probably need to ask yourself, why are you afraid of love? A fully vegan experience with six locations in Canada, there is no need for any substitutions. With four different patties and limitless topping combinations there is something for everyone (and did I mention they have poutine?).


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