Thank you for supporting the Million Dollar Vegan campaign. We rely solely on the support of individual donors and philanthropists who see the power and potential of innovative media campaigns to inspire positive dietary change.

We are effective!

Our first campaign – to Fight Climate Change with Diet Change – which offered $1 million to the charity of Pope Francis’ choice IF he went vegan for Lent, reached a huge global audience. Over a thousand media articles were published, and we had full-page advertisements in 15 national newspapers, including The New York Times. More than 45,000 people downloaded our Vegan Starter Kit and our website received 600,000 visits within its first nine months.

Our second campaign – to Make America Healthy Again! – reached more than 330 million people in the U.S. through traditional media alone, and many thousands more across Latin America and Europe. This was backed up by a powerful social media and PR campaign, which led to more than 125,000 people pledging to go vegan for January.

What next?

Our third campaign is right around the corner. It will be bold and innovative, and will ensure the benefits of veganism get the widest audience possible.

Every dollar donated helps us reach and inspire even more people to make a difference, and we thank you for your gift.


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