Killing animals is killing us, too.Take Pandemics Off The Menu.


Pandemics are a shocking but inevitable consequence of the poor hygiene, cross-contamination, and low animal welfare that exists when we exploit animals for food. Viruses emerge in live animal markets and in the filth and squalor of factory farms, and they spread to people around the world.

To keep farmed animals alive in appalling conditions, they are administered a potent cocktail of drugs including antibiotics. Diseases become resistant to the overused drugs, superbugs emerge, and we are left with nothing that can fight infections.

Our consumption of animal products drives this dual global health threat.

Killing animals is killing us, too

“The coronavirus is an animal virus, introduced to the human population through animal markets. Similarly, influenza A viruses are bird viruses that came into contact with humans through poultry farming. Getting animals off our collective plate would go a long way toward preventing future pandemics, and would improve our health and our environment at the same time.” - Dr Neal Barnard

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